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    Let me put my story in you...


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    Let me put my story in you...

    Post  Steelyn on Tue Jan 15, 2013 11:44 pm

    Name: Johnathan Patrick Quesada
    Age: 20
    Gamertag(s) : Steelyn / Tryhard Johnny
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    Seems like a pretty nice looking site, just waiting for it to boom so we all can finally have a good home for the GoW gaming franchises to post out 2 cents about the game and hopefully promote into tournaments and LANs. My name is John, I am currently an amateur gamer looking to take my level of play to the next level. I'm hoping this site brings in a lot of fresh new faces who are commuting to keeping the competitive scene alive. I'm also a streamer, you can catch my stream at I'm open to whatever types of conversations. If you'd like to play or know more about myself, @ me or Add me. Thanks

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